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Gambling On the Go: Android Casino Games

Casino Games for Android SmartphonesIf you’ve ever wondered why there are so many new casino games for Android these days, it’s a simple matter of supply and demand. People want Android casino games, and developers are happy to provide them.

Throughout history, there have always been a few industries guaranteed to experience a boom whenever a new product becomes available. The technology sector ranks very high on that list. We, as a society, love having access to newer and better electronics, especially when they come in small packages with advanced capabilities.

The Smartphone Changed Everything

When smartphones came along in 2007, it was the dawn of a new age in gadget-eering. Slowly but surely, everyone and their second cousin (and in many cases, even their stereotypically tech-inept grandparents) had a smartphone in their pocket or purse.

Android Casino GamesApple may have pioneered touch-screen mobile technology with its exclusive iOS operating system, but it wasn’t long before the vast majority of mobile devices employed an Android OS.

While dozens of social media giants worked fast to deliver social networking apps and other popular means of group interaction, one of the fastest growing app-industries turned out to be Android casino games.

The traditional online gambling industry, fueled for the previous decade by desktop and laptop computers, was already one of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world. The second largest in fact; beat out only by (you can probably guess) the other form of adult entertainment, pornography.

Industry Welcomes Android Casino Games

The demand for casino games for Android came as a welcome innovation for global iGaming operators. The desktop variety had gone a bit stale at that point, with nothing new or innovative to offer players. Suddenly, people were seeking out Android casino games, and operators and software developers were more than happy to accommodate.

The mobile gambling sector took time to grow, as is common with any new technology. In the beginning, anyone seeking out casino games for Android would have to download an application to their device. This was a suitable alternative to playing directly on a website via desktop, but it came with limitations.

Players had very few Android casino games to choose from. There were only a few apps on the Google Play store, and even the online casinos that provided gaming apps from their website proffered a highly restrictive selection of games. Players were lucky if they had more than a dozen slot machines to choose from, and even more so if blackjack was on the menu.

Optimizing Casino Games for Android

As time went by, the Android apps grew in size and game variety, as well as popularity. But the real explosion came when games makers began using the latest HTML 5 coding to infuse Android casino games onto traditional websites.

This new mark-up language gave them the ability to create a single website that was compatible with every major operating system, including desktop, smartphone and tablet devices. The transition began around 2014-15, eliminating the need to provide casino games for Android via downloadable apps.

To date, there are exactly 250 Android casino games apps on the Google Play Store. However, due to Google’s anti-gambling policies, every one of them are social, free-to-play apps, with no real money wagers available.

Royal Vegas Casino Games for AndroidFor the risk takers among you, there are thousands of mobile gambling websites where real money games can be played by any adult, any time, anywhere, on any Android smartphone or internet-capable tablet. The number of available real-money casino games for Android devices far exceeds the variety found in apps.

Royal Vegas Mobile presents more than 480 Android casino games, including 340+ slots, 60+ table games, 24 video poker games, 37 casual games and 15 instant-win scratch cards. If that’s not enough variety to scratch your itch, I guess you’ll just have to wait for the next big innovation in technology; whatever it may be.

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