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Android Lollipop Online Roulette Apps & Instant Play

Android 5 OS (2015) is so popular, more gamers want to play Android Lollipop online roulette for real money.

Android Lollipop Online RouletteGetting your hands on any brand new product—or Android operating system—can be an exciting moment. The Android 7 Nougat has been out for a year, and the newest “Android O” is already available for beta testing. But sometimes, it’s the older, tried-and-true products that make us want to grab on, and never let go.

Did you ever taste own home-churned ice cream? It’s delicious! Nothing like you’ll find in a super market or at the local ice cream stand. Of course, you’ll have to stand there for hours and hours, turning the crank, taking turns with anyone willing to help, and you won’t get a whole lot of ice cream out of it. Okay, that probably wasn’t the best example.

How about this. Were you ever behind the wheel of a 1969 Dodge Charger, or a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454? The classic style, sheer power and untamed roar of the carbureted engine. It’s unlike anything today’s cars can deliver. That my friends… that is what Android Lollipop is to so many mobile users.

Online Roulette on Android LollipopThere may be newer versions, and they may have some extra features, but the current Android 5.1.1 works, and it works very well. It’s also the most current OS available on a wide range of moderately priced Android phones, like the Samsung Grand Prime, S6 Series and J Series phones.

According to the latest statistics from NetMarketShare, Android Lollipop still runs more than 15% of all mobile devices. Not just Android smartphones and tablets, but all of them, in every country around the world.

Android Lollipop Online Roulette

Today’s online gamers will be glad to know that Android Lollipop is supported by all mobile casinos. Every downloadable app, every instant-play Flash casino, is accessible and 100% compatible with Android Lollipop 5 and 5.1.

Admittedly, online roulette is not be the most popular of all gambling amusements. Slots claimed that rank years ago, and never let go. But their spin-and-wait redundancy doesn’t offer much in the way of strategy or decision making. Blackjack takes the number two spot, but the strategic side can be so complex, it grinds away the entertainment value.

Roulette is the perfect middle ground, and has gained a substantial fan base because of it. The game is exciting, offers a chance to win huge dividends, and comes with just enough tactical opportunities to bring thoughtful players to the virtual table.

Two Ways to Play Online Roulette on Android Lollipop

There are two basic ways to play real money online roulette on Android Lollipop mobile devices. The first is by downloading a mobile casino app. The second is by logging onto any casino website, and playing the games directly from your mobile browser.

Android Lollipop Online Roulette Apps
Apps are great because we can access them instantly with a single tap of our finger from the Android desktop. However, you won’t find a real money roulette app—or any real money gambling app, for that matter—on the Google Play Store.

Instead, you’ll have to go straight to the source—the mobile casino—to get your hands on the app. Almost every major operator offers one. And don’t worry about compatibility. The apps are always designed to run seamlessly on any Android 4 (Kit Kat) or above.

Android Lollipop Online Roulette Instant Play
Not everyone wants apps clogging up their desktop screen. The more you have, the more swipes it takes to find them. For these players, online roulette on Android Lollipop can be played directly in the default mobile browser, Google Chrome, or any other preferred browsing app.

All you need to do is work your way to the mobile casino of your choice and click on the game you want to play. Aside from Live Roulette, all versions should be available to play for free in the demo version.

Real Money Online Roulette on Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop Online RouletteTo upgrade to real money play, you’ll need to sign up an account with the mobile casino. Registration is quick and painless, but you will need to supply your real name, address and date of birth to confirm eligibility.

Next, you’ll want to make a deposit to fund your account. Again, it’s a simple process, and there should be a throng of convenient payment methods and currencies available to suit all types of players. Be sure to check out all new player promotions, too. These bonus offers can boost your bankroll with a match of 100% or more.

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