14 Jun

Android Tablets the New Casino of Choice in 2017

Android Mobile Gambling TechnologySo much has changed in the last twenty years, newer generations can hardly conceive of a time when computers and mobile devices did not exist in every home, and every hand. It’s changing the way we think, communicate, work and play. Everyday tasks are synchronized with technology, any reliant upon the boundless realm of cyberspace. Even the way modern society places a simple wager has changed dramatically.

Two decades ago, gamblers frequented casinos, race tracks, sports books, bingo halls. We pulled cash from our pockets, placed our bets, and crossed our fingers, hoping for a profitable result. Today, we can simply whip out our smartphone or tablet, from anywhere we may be standing, and with a few taps and swipes, participate in real mobile gambling.

There is no shortage of racetracks, resort casinos or bookies. These land-based operations still exist, quite abundantly in fact. But they are frequented by the same people who traversed their floors decades ago. Millennials—today’s latest generation of gambling-aged individuals—have little need for such antiquated facilities.

Convenient Access

Android tablet casino games have eliminated the need to travel to any particular destination to play blackjack, roulette or slot machines. Time is a precious commodity. The ability to play the same gambling amusements, from anywhere, anytime, is something we can all appreciate in today’s bustling world.

Online casinos can be access from any smartphone or tablet. It takes only a moment to sign up and transfer money from a bank account. Every wagering option you can conceive is provided at the tap of a finger, whether it’s traditional casino games, a poker game, sports betting, props or futures betting, pari-mutuels, or a fun round of penny bingo.

Winnings can just as easily be transferred back into a player’s bank account, streamlining the entire mobile gambling process. Its sheer simplicity and convenience are the most recognized contributions to the phenomenal rise in Android casino gaming.

Safety in Privacy

Walking into any land-based gambling destination with a wad of cash can be a daunting experience. Even worse can be the feeling of winning a large amount of money. It’s true—something that’s supposed to bring immense joy can actually turn to stark fear.

Imagine winning a $1,000 jackpot on a slot machine. Everyone around you is patting you on the back, congratulating you, wishing you well. After receiving your winnings, it’s now time to leave. You being to wonder how many of the people who were clapping a few moments ago have considered following you out the door with ill intentions?

You could ask security to walk you to your car, but once you leave the lot, it’s anyone’s game. I’ve read more than a few haunting news reports of casino winners being followed home, and robbed before they could get in their house. It’s a sad but genuine reality these days. And one that smartphone and tablet gambling enthusiasts never need worry about.

The Best is Yet to Come

As rapidly as mobile gambling has grown in the last few years, there’s no indication it will slow down anytime soon. The horizon is bright with possibilities. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are the future of the Android gambling business.

Android Casino VR

Imagine snapping your smartphone into a VR headset, placing it on your head, and being transported into a real Las Vegas casino experience. You navigate the floors, place real-money chips on the blackjack table, and visit the cashier to collect your winnings just as you would in a land-based casino, without ever leaving your home.

This is what lies ahead, my friends. And it’s going to be a pure catalyst for continued growth and enhanced interactive capabilities in the mobile gambling sector.

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