4 Jul

Ins and Outs if iOS 10 Online Blackjack Games and Apps

A close-up look at the rise in iOS 10 online blackjack games, abundantly available in the app store for free play, or for real money without a download.

Apple iOS 10 Online Blackjack GamesThe latest Apple operating system, iOS 10, hit the market in September of 2016. It’s been an immense success, and has already received a throng of updates, including the current iOS 10.3.2, released in May. While the new iOS 10 offers an abundance of new and updated functions, the number one use of Apple devices remains unchanged.

I’m talking, of course, about gaming. Users are constantly tapping and swiping their way through gaming apps of all shapes and sizes. Throughout the years, one of the most popular forms of gaming among adults has been blackjack. Fortunately, the global community of app makers recognize this, thus there’s no shortage of iOS 10 online blackjack games to choose from.

There are so many of them, in fact, that it can be cumbersome for Apple device owners. A quick search of the iTunes App Store on Google for the term “blackjack” [search: blackjack site:itunes.apple.com] reveals an astonishing 330,000 hits.

But apps aren’t the only way to play iOS 10 online blackjack games. There are thousands of casino sites that offer a similar experience, without a download required. I say similar, because there is one key difference between them, separating them into two major categories.

iOS 10 Online Blackjack for Free or Real Money

The vast majority of the blackjack apps on the Apple Store are just for fun. There’s no option to play for real money. Players can purchase additional chips for real money—known as In-App-Purchases, or IAPs—but never will they be able to withdrawal cash winnings.

These iOS online blackjack games are commonly played for fun, for practicing strategy, or for the social experience of gaming amongst friends.

The other type are real money blackjack games, where players are able to deposit cash into a casino account, place actual wagers on the games, and—if they get lucky—request a withdrawal of the winnings.

Heightened Appeal of Real Online Blackjack

Real money online blackjack games are swiftly gaining in popularity, and have been for the last few years. The ability to play iOS 10 online blackjack is a natural extension of the exponential growth in the industry. And when Apple releases iOS 11 in September 2017, the same games (and more) will already be optimized for it.

A few years ago, internet casino operators and software developers stumbled upon a new way to bestow ultimate compatibility with all major operating systems, both the desktop and mobile variety. The games and websites that support them were converted to a recently developed web coding language known as HTML5.

By delivering all content in a single, universally compatible language, providers are able to eliminate the need to download any software or gaming apps to their devices. It just works, the same way desktop users load the games in-browser via Flash technology.

The Legal Aspect

Not all internet casinos will be available to residents of all jurisdictions. For instance, England-based GalaCasino.com is only accessible to UK players. Due to the legal landscape, very few operators (aside from those licenced to accept residents of Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey) accept US players, either.

In Canada, however, the laws are quite lax when it comes to real money online gambling websites. While they are forbidden from specifically advertising their services to Canadian residents, there is no law to stop them from accepting Canadian players, or to stop Canadian players from accessing the websites, so long as no other laws are being broken. Which brings us to…

How To Play Real Online Blackjack

Real blackjack games will have restrictions in place that free-to-play games do not. Because gambling is an adult-only activity, registering an account with a real identity is required. Players must be old enough to gamble in their jurisdiction, supplying their real name, address and other personal information to verify eligibility.

From there, the player has the option of depositing money into their account to play real money iOS 10 online blackjack games (and a multitude of other table games, plus slots, video poker, etc.)

Distinguished operators like Royal Vegas Mobile provide an abundance of payment methods. They include direct CAD deposit and withdrawal options, helping players to avoid any currency exchange fees.

Once a deposit is made, players can also look forward to a hefty welcome bonus, matching their deposit with a generous amount of free casino credits to accentuate game play. All that’s left is to choose a game, select a chip size, and enjoy all that iOS 10 online blackjack games have to offer.

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