4 May

Bet on Your Mobile: the Best Sportsbooks for Samsung and Google

Sports betting has always been a somewhat contentious issue. It is something that has often offered through a series of loop holes and something that exists in grey areas. Those were the early days of online gambling when no one really knew if what they were doing was legal or not. These days, however, it is widely available and in most countries, Canada included, it couldn’t be more black and white.

In fact, it is so widely available that most sports books and betting exchanges are not available in Canada and most of them also have Mac, Windows, iOS and Android versions available.

In this article we will focus on the very best Android sports books for Canadian players. There are many out there, but there are some defining factors that only a few of them have. So, to help you out, this is what you need to look for:


The best betting exchanges will take such a small cut of your winnings that you won’t even notice it. Literally. Because the best ones offer great odds across the board and the fees barely even come close to balancing this out.

However, there are betting exchanges that offer poor odds and big fees. The first is down to a lack of people on the site and a lack of competition. The latter is down to high prices quoted by the exchanges. In all cases, these sites should be avoided.


You won’t find bonuses on betting exchanges, so they are not a prerequisite. However, you will find them on sports books and because of the competition they should be high. Don’t be lured in by casino bonuses, free spins or accumulator cash back bonuses. You should also avoid matched deposit bonuses that give you a bonus only if your first bet loses.

There are more and more of these bonuses out there these days and it’s because players just aren’t looking at the Ts and Cs and they aren’t realizing what they are letting themselves in for. So, always read the conditions and always make sure that the bonus is as good as it looks.


There are many different software packages out there. Some of these, like Bet365 and SkyBet, are exclusive to a single site. Then there are those that are used by many. One of our favorites is the software used on Unibet, as well as on sites like 888Sport, 32Red, SunBets, LeoVegas and several others.

They don’t all offer the same markets, even though they look like exact replicas (in this case, Unibet and 888Sport have many more markets than the others) but there are many benefits to all of them.

On the flip side, there is software we don’t agree with. BetWay has its positives, but it doesn’t always work, while ToteSport, Stan James, Ladbrokes and Titan Sports are just far too buggy and annoying for our liking.


You have to consider that not all sites are the same when it comes to the markets that they offer. Some of them are great for some markets but terrible for others. A good example can be found in boxing and rugby. We like a good Over/Under bet and we look for a range of markets offering these on rugby and boxing, from Rounds Totals to Score Totals.

On the bigger sites, including PaddyPower, Bet365 and 888Sport, they have these in plenty supply, especially on PaddyPower and Bet365. But on many others, even some of the seemingly bigger names, they have a lot less. Then, at the bottom of the pile there are sites that either don’t offer the games to bet on period, or don’t have any Under/Over markets.

So, always check the extent of your favorite markets on your chosen sports. Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you just signed up and deposited big on a particular sportsbook, and that they won’t let you bet on the markets you want.

Customer Support

Customer support and a few other factors are also important, but you expect these boxes to be ticked on all modern sports books. However, in our experience, there are far too many low quality sportsbooks out there when it comes to customer support. BetFair and Bet365 can be incredibly unprofessional and even insulting. Vernon Sports, JetBull and Mr. Green have some of the worst customer support we have encountered, while the likes of Tote Sport can also be a little frustrating and slow.

So, always check in advance. Look for live chat, see how quick they are and don’t assume that the professionalism and help will alway be there, because in many cases it is not.

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